Dash: Solid codebase with sustainable improvements


The technology behind Dash

Review of the Dash codebase

Figure 1: Rating scale for the quality of crypto code [-5, +5]

Analysis: Dash scores a solid 2.18 on a [-5,+5] scale

Figure 2: Distribution of total score for Dash on a [-5,+5] scale
Figure 3: Example of anti-patterns in the “wallet.h” component of Dash
Figure 4: Example of code issues in the “server.h” component of Dash

Summary: Overall the codebase for Dash seems promising

Figure 5: Distribution of hotspots in the Dash code


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Professor | Lecturer | Author | Investor | Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

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Philipp Sandner

Philipp Sandner

Professor | Lecturer | Author | Investor | Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

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