Crypto on the Rise? Adoption of Bitcoin and Crypto Assets?

  1. People are interested in: Bitcoin, crypto assets, inflation, crash.
  2. The book shop only uses such prime sales space in case there is demand. This is not a bookshelf at the end of the room. This is prime space.
  3. Who is buying books? People at the age of >35 or>45 we can guess. Younger people below 35 use Youtube, social media, etc. for education, roughly speaking. So, “elderly” people are onboarding themselves to crypto assets now.
  4. Once people have educated themselves, they will onboard to crypto exchanges and invest in crypto assets. This process of learning and understanding is tedious and we can expect it to take 2–6 months.
  5. Why is this happening? We can assume that inflation speeds this up and persistent inflation is the trigger for people to get interested. People can be expected to be disappointed because decreasing inflation expectations have not been met.



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Philipp Sandner

Philipp Sandner


Professor | Lecturer | Author | Investor | Frankfurt School Blockchain Center