Connect Ethereum to Real IoT products: Ethereum Camp in March 2018 in Berlin, Germany

Our IoT/Ethereum Summer Camp was a huge success! We had an amazing week with other 80 national and international participants, coming from the US, India, Mexico … visiting Frankfurt in Germany while developing on five days, from morning till late evening, to get their innovation done. All participants played an unique role with their skills in software development, programming, electro engineering with IoT devices as well as business & marketing for the sales pitch.

Fortunately, we had the pleasure of having special guests and companies on board that already work on blockchain solutions, such as Daimler, Commerzbank, ConsenSys, Energybrainpool as well as special guests from the blockchain space such as IOTA, uPort, BigchainDB, SolarCoin, Eciotify and many more.


Our two books: the first one on blockchain and the society and the second one on blockchain and finance




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